Most Popular Yacht Charter Routes

Travel and explore the villages of North Borneo, experience the miles of gorgeous beaches and the smiles of the various friendly local tribes.

Kudat is one such destination. It's sits in the furthest land point in Sabah and is home to the Simpang Mengayau Beach and Tip of Borneo.

Enjoy fresh seafood, local fruits, produce and the largest Coconuts in Sabah.

Though the journey is almost 3 hours away from the capital, the journey is indeed easy on the eyes. As one meanders through Tuaran, the rice fields of Kota Belud, the hills of the Crocker Range, the many stalls selling grilled corn and other local produce.

Right through this journey you will be watched silently by the Magnificent Mount Kinabalu sitting majestically right as you cross the Jambatan Gayang right through Kota Belud.

Come experience Kudat and let the memories make you smile.